Concept BS

Concept BS switches are designed to give the good aesthetic look to the interiors. It is designed in such a way that it blends with the interior walls, comes with the option that it can be fixed projected from the wall surface as they have curved corners. These switches can be used in homes, offices and for commercial buildings

Switches that can add an extra natural flow to your interior environments

Benefits and Features

Excellent Material for Durability

High quality poly carbonate material with improved flame-retardant characteristics is used, which is flexible and will not deform or change color even after long-term use or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

LED Indicator Light

The switches with LED light indicators combine the attribute of low electricity consumption with the longevity of over 100,000 operating hours. The decorative line uses combined moulding technology, allowing the perfect shape for the LED light.

Hospitality Range

Concept bs also offers a wide range of products such as shaver socket outlet, volume control, key card switch and doorbell switch. The doorbell switch can be customized with “Do Not Disturb”, “Please Clean Room” and “Please Wait” markings and indicators.

Data Communication Outlets

For all kinds of applications in one gang and two gang versions. The labeling field avoids confusion in a structured PC network. The Concept bs series provides both cat. 5e and cat. 6 computer socket outlets to meet present customer expectations.


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