Millenium Switches

Millenium is based on a combinable concept which creates a very comprehensive range, suitable for any type of needs. This makes it the ideal collection for all types of homes, hotels, offices, shops etc.

ABB Millenium switches are not designed only based on the aesthetics. It is designed to be compatible for both people and the world around them.

Range of Products

ABB switches are available in wide range to match the requirements for residential, offices, homes, shops and more. These are available in different colors. Some of those can be used with other colors too. Click the on the below images to explore the products available

Stainless Steel – ST

Antique Gold

Silk Black

White Glass – WG

Black Glass – BG

Matt Gold


Wiring Accessories

Lighting Poles

Switch Gear Components

Lamps and Control Gears

Residential, Industrial & Commercial Lightning

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