Presence Detector

Presence Detectors automatically detects the presence of someone in the room. It can be used to turn on (or) off any electrical appliances, based on the movement of a person. This enables to save the power and control of running of appliances at it maximum power when no one is inside.

Product Usability Range

Office Single

This type of detectors are required to be more precise and accurate. It can be installed in places where a single person works by sitting on chair, were minimal movements can be made.

These kinds of detectors can detect those accurately.

Precise and Accurate

Office Open Space

In case of office with a wider space, the light intensity near the windows will be more compared to the middle of the room. In order to maintain a uniform light intensity throughout the office space, ABB provides the mater/slave function which allows a difference brightness level of lights, thus saving the power consumption

Maintain uniform Brightness Level


Places such as gym or sports facility are of large area with high roof. In such case a precise and accurate type of detector having protection to avoid from any damage is required. These type of detectors are working based on the movement of a person or the brightness level of the outside light.

Precise, Accurate and Durability


These areas where the detectors are used to work as similar to the office single. These detectors are of precise and accurate and work based on the movement of person.

Precise and Accurate


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