DescriptionPart NoProduct CodeData Sheet
1Gang 1Way Switch 10AX BH1012TCZ091001R0030
1Gang 2Way Switch 10AXBH1052TCZ091002R0030
2Gang 1Way Switch 10AXBH1022TCZ091003R0030
2Gang 2Way Switch 10AXBH1062TCZ091004R0030
3Gang 1Way Switch 10AXBH1032TCZ091005R0030
3Gang 2Way Switch 10AXBH1072TCZ091006R0030
4Gang 1Way Switch 10AXBH1042TCZ091007R0030
4Gang 2Way Switch 10AXBH1082TCZ091008R0030
1Gang 1Way Switch 20AX BH1102TCZ091095R0070
1Gang 2Way Switch 20AXBH1122TCZ091097R0070
2 Gang 1 Way 20 AX DP SWITCH w/mark "On" BH1132TCZ091018R0070
2Gang 1Way Switch 20AXBH1142TCZ091016R0070
2Gang 2Way Switch 20AXBH1152TCZ091017R0070
1Gang 13A SP Switch SocketBH2242TCZ092001R0040
1Gang 13A SP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2292TCZ092002R0040
1Gang 13A DP Switch SocketBH2372TCZ092095R0040
1Gang 13A DP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2382TCZ092096R0040
1Gang 13A SP Universal SocketBH2942TCZ092003R0040
2Gang 13A SP Switch SocketBH2272TCZ092010R0040
2Gang 13A SP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2302TCZ092011R0040
2Gang 13A DP Switch SocketBH2392TCZ092097R0040
2Gang 13A DP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2402TCZ092098R0040
1Gang 15A SP Switch SocketBH2092TCZ092012R0050
1Gang 15A SP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2312TCZ092092R0050
1Gang 15A DP Switch Socket IlluminatedBH2322TCZ092093R0050
1Gang 5A SP Switch SocketBH2202TCZ092090R0020
1Gang 5A DP Switch SocketBH2212TCZ092091R0020
2Gang 13A SP Switch Socket with Red Rocker IlluminatedBH2362TCZ092094R0040
2Gang 13A SP Switch Socket with Green Rocker IlluminatedBH2412TCZ092099R0040
1Gang Push Switch 10AXBH4302TCZ091010R0030
1Gang Push Switch + "Bell" 10AXBH4292TCZ091011R0030
1Gang Switch Intermediate 10AXBH1192TCZ091009R0030
1Gang Rotary Dimmer 600WBH4122TCZ094001R0010
Fan RegulatorBH4222TCZ094009R0010
1Gang DP Switch 20A IlluminatedBH1112TCZ091096R0070
1Gang DP Switch 20A Illuminated + "WH"BH171 WH2TCZ091012R0075
1Gang DP Switch 32A IlluminatedBH1762TCZ091013R0090
1Gang DP Switch 45A (3 x 3)BH1772TCZ091014R0090
1Gang DP Switch 45A Illuminated (3 x 3)BH1792TCZ091098R0090
45A Cooker Control Unit + 13A Switch Socket (6 x 3)BH1182TCZ091015R0090
20A Flex OutletBH1202TCZ091099R0070
45A Flex OutletBH5902TCZ095006R0090
13A Spur Unit with Fuse + Flex Outlet + IlluminatedBH5062TCZ095003R0040
13A Spur Unit with Switch + Fuse + Flex Outlet + IlluminatedBH5072TCZ095004R0040
13A Spur Unit with Switch + Fuse + Flex OutletBH5082TCZ095099R0040
1Gang TV Outlet, End of Line - Non IsolatedBH3012TCZ093001R0010
1Gang TV Outlet, Loop - Through - Non IsolatedBH3042TCZ093003R0010
1Gang SAT Outlet, F-Type - Non IsolatedBH3072TCZ093004R0010
1Gang Telephone Outlet RJ11BH3212TCZ093006R0010
1Gang Telephone Outlet RJ45 Cat 5eBH3312TCZ093007R0010
2Gang Telephone Outlet RJ45 Cat 5eBH3322TCZ093013R0010
1Gang Telephone Outlet RJ45 Cat 6BH3332TCZ093008R0010
2Gang Telephone Outlet RJ45 Cat 6BH3292TCZ093014R0010
Shaver Socket 20VA Input: 230V, 50Hz/60Hz - Outlet: 115V/230VBH4012TCZ094002R0010
1Gang Blank PlateBH5042TCZ095001R0010
2Gang Blank PlateBH5052TCZ095002R0010


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