DescriptionPart NoProduct CodePicutreDatasheet
Switch 1Gang 1Way 10AX AMD5144-AG & AMD10144-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620100N1601
Switch 1Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD10544-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620200N1601
Switch 2Gang 1Way 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD10222-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA680100N1601
Switch 2Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD10622-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA680200N1601
Switch 3Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5153-AG & AMD10753-AG2CLA637100N1601 & 2CLA630200N1601
Switch 4Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5244-AG & AMD10622-AG2CLA647200N1601 & 2CLA680200N1601
Switch 6Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5253-AG & AMD10753-AG2CLA667200N1601 & 2CLA630200N1601
Switch 8Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5444-AG & AMD10622-AG2CLA687410N1601 & 2CLA680200N1601
Switch 1Gang DP 20A IlluminatedAMD5120-AG & AMD11120-AG2CLA617100N1601 & 2CLA610130N1601
Switch 1Gang DP 20A Illuminated + "WH"AMD5120-AG & AMD10920-AG2CLA617100N1601 & 2CLA610140N1601
Switch 1Gang DP 45A Illuminated (3 x 3)AM17744-AG2CLA620149N1601
Switch 1Gang Push 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD43044-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620400N1601
Switch 1Gang Push + "Bell" 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD42944-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620440N1601
Switch 1Gang Intermediate 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11944-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA621000N1601
Switch 2Gang Intermediate 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD12922-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA681000N1601
Cooker Control Unit 45A + Switch Socket 13A (6 x 3)AM118147-AG2CLA643749N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang SP AM23386-AG2CLA623739N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang DPAM23786-AG2CLA623719N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang SP + "USB"AM23586-AG2CLA623859N1601
Socket 13A 1Gang SP + "USB"AM23686-AG2CLA623869N1601
Switch Socket 13A 2Gang DPAM239147-AG2CLA643719N1601
Switch Socket 13A 2Gang SP + "USB"AM235147-AG2CLA643859N1601
Socket 13A 2Gang SP + "USB"AM236147-AG2CLA643869N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang SP UniversalAM29486-AG2CLA623919N1601
Socket 13A 2Gang SP UniversalAMD5244-AG & AMD39144-AN2CLA647200N1601 & 2CLA623900N1801
Switch Socket 15A 1Gang DPAM20986-AG2CLA623769N1601
Flex Outlet 20AAM55044-AG2CLA620729N1601
Spur Unit 13A with Fuse + Flex Outlet + IlluminatedAM50853-AG2CLA630859N1601
Spur Unit 13A with Switch + Fuse + Flex Outlet + IlluminatedAM50753-AG2CLA630829N1601
Rotary Dimmer 400WAM41344-AG2CLA626039N1601
Shaver Socket 20VA Input: 230V, 50Hz/60Hz - Outlet: 115V/230VAM40188-AG2CLA680309N1601
USB Charging Socket 2GangAMD5144-AG & AMD85144-AN2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA628500N1801
Blank Plate 1Gang AM50444-AG2CLA620009N1601
Data 1Gang RJ45 with Jack and ShutterAM33344-AG2CLA611869N1601
Data 2Gang RJ45 with Jack and ShutterAM32944-AG2CLA621869N1601
Data 1Gang RJ45 PlateAM33544-AG2CLA621819N1601
Data 2Gang RJ45 PlateAM33444-AG2CLA621829N1601
Data 1Gang RJ45 with Jack and Shutter CAT-6A 8PoleAM33644-AG2CLA611879N1601
Data 2Gang RJ45 with Jack and Shutter CAT-6A 8PoleAM33744-AG2CLA621879N1601
SAT OutletAMD5144-AG & AMD30344-AN2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA625000N1801
Bell Push Switch "DND" & "MUR" with LEDAMD5144-AG & AMD40344-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA621580N1601
Switch 2Gang "DND" & "MUR" with LEDAMD5144-AG & AMD40444-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA621500N1601
Blind Control Switch 16AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11844-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA624410N1601
Key Card Switch 16AXAM40244-AG2CLA621419N1601
Electronic Card Switch 16AXAM40544-AG2CLA621459N1601
Electronic BellAMD5144-AG & AMD24144-AN2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA622400N1801
Push Switch 2Gang 10AXAMD5144-AG & AMD43222-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA680400N1601
Push Switch 3Gang 2Way 10AXAMD5153-AG & AMD43053-AG2CLA637100N1601 & 2CLA630400N1601
Push Switch 1Gang 2Way 10AX + "Bell"AMD5144-AG & AMD18144-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620290N1601
LED Dimmer 1Gang AMD5144-AG & AMD60344-AN2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA626030N1801
LED Dimmer 2Gang AMD5244-AG & AMD60344-AN2CLA647200N1601 & 2CLA626030N1801;
Switch 1Gang 1Way 20AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11044-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620110N1601
Switch 1Gang 2Way 20AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11544-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620210N1601
Switch 2Gang 1Way 20AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11422-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA680110N1601
Switch 2Gang 2Way 20AXAMD5144-AG & AMD11622-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA680210N1601
Switch 3Gang 2Way 16AXAMD5153-AG & AMD12153-AG2CLA637100N1601 & 2CLA630210N1601
Switch 4Gang 2Way 20AXAMD5244-AG & AMD11622-AG2CLA647200N1601 & 2CLA680210N1601
Fan isolator 10AAMD5144-AG & AMD13444-AG2CLA627100N1601 & 2CLA620500N1601
SAT F Type 2Gang AM32344-AG2CLA625109N1601
Audio Outlet 2 TerminalsAM34144-AG2CLA622919N1601
TV Outlet 1Gang AM30144-AG2CLA615009N1601
TV/SAT Outlet 1Gang AM31344-AG2CLA625009N1601
Thermostat Controller 2 PipeAM41786-AG2CLA624059N1601
Thermostat Controller 4 PipeAM42086-AG2CLA624069N1601
Double Rotary Dimmer 1Way 250WAM41244-AG2CLA616039N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang SP IlluminatedAM23486-AG2CLA623749N1601
Switch Socket 13A 1Gang DP IlluminatedAM23886-AG2CLA623729N1601
Switch Socket 13A 2Gang DP IlluminatedAM240147-AG2CLA643729N1601
Switch Socket 15A 1Gang DP IlluminatedAM23186-AG2CLA623779N1601
Switch Socket 5A 1Gang DPAM22186-AG2CLA623759N1601
Spur Unit 13A with Fuse + Flex OutletAM50653-AG2CLA630809N1601
Switch Frame Premium/Double Rocker 3GangAMD5344-AG2CLA667310N1601
Switch Frame Premium/Double Rocker 2GangAMD5244-AG2CLA647200N1601
Push Switch Rocker 1Gang 1Way 10AX + "Bell" AMD42944-AG2CLA620440N1601


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